Calendar of Events

Date Event
08/01-31/2020 In person appointments available upon request
08/13/2020 Committee Meetings, Charleston, WV
08/20/2020 Board Meeting, Charleston, WV
09/01-14/2020 Licensing System Maintenance – Closed for Updates
09/07/2020 Labor Day
09/15/2020 “Go Live” with Certemy Web Based Licensing System
09/23-26/2020 CLEAR Annual Educational Conference, Seattle, WA
10/01-04/2020 FARB Regulatory Law Seminar, Reston, VA
10/12/2020 Columbus Day
10/25-27/2020 ASRT Radiation Therapy Conference, Miami, FL
10/27/2020 Chapter 30 Annual Licensing Seminar
11/03/2020 General Election Day
11/05-07/2020 WVSRT Annual Conference, Canaan Valley, WV
11/08/2020 Radiologic Technology Day in West Virginia
11/08-14/2020 National Radiologic Technology Week
11/11/2020 Veterans Day
11/12/2020 Committee Meetings, Charleston, WV
11/19/2020 Board Meeting, Charleston, WV
11/26-27/2020 Thanksgiving Holiday
12/25/2020 Christmas
01/28-31/2021 FARB Forum, Ft Worth, TX
02/11/2021 Committee Meetings, Charleston, WV
02/18/2021 Board Meeting, Charleston, WV
05/13/2021 Committee Meetings, Charleston, WV
05/20/2021 Board Meeting, Charleston, WV
09/30-10/03/2021 FARB Regulatory Law Seminar, Nashville, TN