Calendar of Events

Date Event
01/01-03/31/2021 In person appointments available upon request.
01/27-30/2021 FARB Forum, Virtual
02/10/2021 First day of WV Legislature Session.
02/11/2021 Committee Meetings, Charleston, WV
02/15/2021 President's Day
02/18/2021 Board Meeting, Charleston, WV
03/01/2021 Submission of Legislative Rule-Making Review bills due.
03/16/2021 WV Legislature Session last day to introduce bills in the House.
03/22/2021 WV Legislature Session last day to introduce bills in the Senate.
03/28/2021 WV Legislature Session bills due out of committees in house of origin to ensure three full days for readings.
03/31/2021 WV Legislature Session last day to consider bill on third reading in house of origin.
04/10/2021 WV Legislature Session adjournment at Midnight.
05/13/2021 Committee Meetings, Charleston, WV
05/17/2021 CRCPD 53rd National Conference on Radiation Control, Danvers, MA
05/20/2021 Board Meeting, Charleston, WV
06/17/2021 ASRT Educational Symposium and Annual Governance Meeting, Reno, NV
06/20/2021 West Virginia Day
07/05/2021 Independence Day
08/12/2021 Committee Meetings, Charleston, WV
08/19/2021 Board Meeting, Charleston, WV
09/06/2021 Labor Day
09/22/2021 CLEAR Educational Conference, Washington, DC
09/30-10/03/2021 FARB 2021 Regulatory Law Seminar, Nashville, TN
10/11/2021 Columbus Day
11/07-13/2021 National Radiological Technologist Week
11/11/2021 Committee Meetings, Charleston, WV
11/11/2021 Veterans' Day
11/18/2021 Board Meeting, Charleston, WV
11/25/2021 Thanksgiving
12/24/2021 Christmas
12/31/2021 New Year's Day
02/10/2022 Committee Meetings, Charleston, WV
02/17/2022 Board Meeting, Charleston, WV
05/12/2022 Committee Meetings, Charleston, WV
05/19/2022 Board Meeting, Charleston, WV